How Do I Get My Apple Tree To Bloom?

spokane how do i get my apple tree to bloom

Why is Your Apple Tree Not Blooming?

Why won’t your apple tree bloom? There could be several different reasons why your fruit tree is not producing the barrels of apples you expected it to produce. It all comes down to planting your tree in the right spot at the right time and waiting for it to be ready to bloom.

First off, the tree could still be in the developing stages. An apple tree usually will not start blooming apples until it is in its third or fourth year. Another thing you need to be aware of is whether or not your tree was pollinated. Bees are the main way for pollen to be transferred from flowers to the tree. If you have cold weather, rain, or wind that affects the bees in the area then your trees will not be pollinated and will not bloom fruit.

Before planting an apple tree, you will always want to check to make sure that the fruit is recommended to grow in your area. Climate, drought, and soil quality in your area will factor into how or if the tree will produce apples.

Your tree could also have frost damage which could lead to no blooms on your apple tree. Plant your trees in an area where frost is least likely to hit your tree. If you had a late frost this year, that can cause less apples to grow on your tree that year.

If your apple trees are planted too close together they compete for sunlight and soil nutrients and that can affect how much fruit is growing. Always space your trees apart so they have their own space for nutrients and growth. Also make sure to plant your trees in an area that the sunlight will not be blocked by the shade of a building or other trees in the area.

Over-fertilization can be another cause for your apple trees not to bloom. Check to make sure your fertilizer doesn’t have too high of nitrogen in it. You’ll want to use a balanced one to give your tree the proper nutrients without adding to much un-necessary chemicals.

You also need to prune your trees on a regular basis so your apple tree can bloom quality fruit. At the same time you want to be careful not to be over-zealous when pruning your apple tree. You’ll want to prune away the dead parts of the tree so it can flourish but be careful not to cut away too much of the tree so that it doesn’t stunt its growth.