How To Stop A Tree From Growing Taller

spokane how to stop a tree from growing taller

Are you wondering how you can figure out how tall the trees in your yard will grow? A tree’s height is controlled by how powerful the root system of the tree is. You can look up the average height for the type of tree it is, but the roots will really determine if it is above or below the average.

Do trees stops growing on their own? If trees that lived thousands of years continued to grow at the same pace throughout their life span; airplanes would be dodging tree tops on their flights across the world. The tree trunk of a tree never stops growing. If you want to know how old a tree is, you can count the rings of a tree trunk. A tree trunk never stops growing wide. It will continue to grow until the tree dies. The tree will also continue to grow new branches, leaves and fruit throughout its lifetime.

When it comes to the height, it’s kind of like humans. We grow fast at first, then at some point we reach our peak height. Then we stop growing taller. A tree’s water circulatory system and the sugar flow in the plant factor into the height of the tree. As a tree grows taller, the trunk slows the flow of water up the tree through the branches and the leaves. As the water flow slows down, so does the tree’s height growth.

If your tree is getting close to hitting your roof, or going over into a neighbor’s yard you can control the height of the tree. All you need to do is do some pruning and trimming. The stronger your tree is at the top, the more growth you will see. If you want the height to start tapering off, you’ll need to cut away the stronger branches of the tree. You don’t want to prune too much towards the bottom of the tree.

If you want to make sure to get the results you want, leave the tree pruning and trimming to the experts. With more than 15 years of experience, Derek Babcock at Arborist Tree Service, can help you manage the trees in your yard to get the landscaping look you want. He knows exactly where to prune and how much to trim away to make sure your tree stays the right height without damaging the tree’s health.