Spokane Organic Tree Care

spokane organic tree care

How to Have an Organic Tree Orchard

If you want to have an organic apple or peach tree orchard you need to go organic from the beginning. By using organic products on your tree you are not only helping your tree and your health, you are also “going green” and helping the environment.

When it comes to organic tree care you need to commit from the start. You need to begin with organic fertilizers when you plant the tree, then maintain your fruit tree with organic tree spray throughout the life of the fruit tree. When dealing with insects or worms use an organic insect or pest control products.

When you use organic fertilizer in your soil you are using natural sources and giving your tree needed nutrients to grow and flourish. Your tree will also get better nutrients with organic fertilizer. The natural fertilizer has to break down so it can send the nutrients throughout the fruit tree. That gives the tree more time to absorb nutrients.

One method when it comes to spraying your tree is a Micro-injection. The organic spray for your fruit trees gives an environmentally-friendly alternative to chemical spray applications. The Micro-injections can be done year round.

You can find do-it-yourself “organic” sprays, but when it comes to your tree’s health it’s best to let the professionals do the work. They have experience and know what they need to do to make sure your tree is treated safely and efficiently. That way you don’t have to worry about a bug infestation taking over your tree and ruining your tree full of apricots that you are planning on making jam with this fall. The professionals at Arborist Spokane Tree Service are licensed to apply pesticides to trees when spraying or using injection.

You should try to set a schedule for spraying your fruit trees for bugs and worms. If you notice a worm problem in your tree, you’ll want to schedule to have it sprayed and then be sure to pick up any fruit that has fallen on the ground. Dead fruit on the ground is a target for nearby worms and insects to migrate to your tree.

Each tree has different needs when it comes to organic treatment and care. You’ll want to leave it to the professionals. They make sure your tree gets the treatment it needs to be able to grow big and tall with branches full of apples, peaches or apricots for you to enjoy.