Spokane Organic Tree Fertilizer

spokane organic tree fertilizer

What You Need to Know about Tree Fertilizer

Trees need nutrients to grow and flourish. Just like humans they need spe cific nutrients for specific needs. The more nutrients the tree has the better fruit productivity the tree will have. Like with sprays there are organic fertilizers.

Organic fertilizers could be considered the better choice because your tree gets better nutrient absorption than when you use the synthetic fertilizers. Organic fertilizers have to break down in order to send nutrients into the fruit tree. This way the tree has more time to absorb nutrients.

How do you figure out what kind of fertilizer to get for the trees in your yard? Check out the soil. The most ideal soil sample is before the tree is even planted in the ground. When planning out your landscaping, test the soil in different areas so you can find the richest soil to plant your trees.

Another way to test the soil conditions is by how much the tree is growing. If in any given year the tree grows more than half a foot, you want to fertilize the tree. Mark the tree and then a year later mark again and measure how much the tree has grown.

There are different forms of organic fruit tree fertilizer that can be used in your yard. There is liquid tree fertilizer or you can go with the organic tree fertilizer spikes. Liquid tree fertilizers are injected into the root area of the tree. Fertilized spikes are inserted into the ground near the root and released nutrients as it’s absorbed into the soil.

The best time to fertilize your trees is right before they start to blossom. If you miss that deadline early summer is your next best bet. Winter is the worst time to fertilize your tree.

How often should you fertilize your trees? If you give the tree too much fertilizer you will get a lot of leaf growth and not a lot of fruit that year. There are different things that should be taken into consideration. Fruit trees don’t necessarily need to be fertilized every year. If you have done a lot of trimming or pruning to your tree, you will want to skip a year on fertilization.

It’s best to have a tree expert come out and talk fertilizer with you so you know that your trees are getting enough fertilizer in the right amount of time.