Organic Tree Spray

environmentally friendly micro-injections for tree spraying

Everything You Need to Know about Organic Tree Spray

When it comes to trees, insect and disease problems can be a big problem in the Northwest cities like Spokane, Washington. When you think about getting your fruit trees sprayed you worry about the effects it could have on your health. When Arborist Spokane Tree Service comes to treat your trees you don't have to worry about breathing in harsh chemicals from the spray on the trees. They use environmentally friendly micro-injections so that will help your trees thrive without hurting your lungs or the lungs of kids and pets in the area. There are injections available for your cherry, peach, apple, or any other fruit tree you need treated.

The harmful chemicals that are sprayed onto trees and the fruit growing on them can end up in a child's mouth when they pick it off the tree, or a pet could eat an apple that fell to the ground. When you go with the environmentally friendly method of spraying, you are avoiding the risk of harsh chemicals making it into the wrong hands and then mouth.

Each tree has different needs when it comes to spray. If you leave it to the professionals they can make sure your tree gets the treatment it needs to be able to grow and produce the barrels of fruit you are planning on this year.

The Mirco-injection is a contained applicator that gives an environmentally-friendly alternative to spray applications. The Micro-injections can be done year round. However, it's best to schedule your trees to be sprayed during the late fall or early spring. At this point in the season the trees are able to absorb the environmentally friendly tree treatment and make sure it’s spread throughout the tree so no branch or fruit is left unprotected from the bugs and weather headed their way.

You can find so-called “organic” sprays that you can make at home, but when it comes to your tree’s health it’s best to leave it to the professionals. They have the experience and training they need to make sure your tree is treated safely and efficiently. That way you don’t have to worry about a bug infestation taking over your tree and ruining your tree full of apricots that you are planning on making jam with this fall. The professionals at Arborist Spokane Tree Service are licensed to apply pesticides to trees when spraying or using Micro-injection.