Spokane Organic Tree Stump Killer

spokane organic tree stump killer

How to Get Rid of a Tree Stump

Do you have a tree that died in your yard, you cut it down and now you need to deal with the stump left in your yard.

There are several things that go into account when removing a tree stump: the kind of tree, how old it is, how big the root system below the ground is. There are several methods to removing the tree stump. Digging the stump out by hand can work for small trees that have a shallow root. There is also a machine that grinds the stump as it spirals to the ground. Once it reaches ground level it continues to grind the tree and its roots for up to a foot below the ground.

If you have a tree in the middle of your garden or flower beds sometimes you can simply remove it by using a backhoe. This usually works for small to medium side trees.

Another method is to start a fire on top of the stump and keep it burning until the stump is completely gone. If you are getting rid of more than one stump at one time this is an efficient method.

There are several different products that can be used to kill the stump before you remove it. One of the products that you will not want to use is the chemical stump killer. Most people think that this is an easy way to kill the stump, but when in fact it is not. Chemical stump removers are not a short-term method. It can take years for it to work and causes more damage to the ground. It is also dangerous to be working with and applying chemicals in your yard around children and dogs.

Products like Roundup tree stump killer and Bayer tree stump killer are glyphosate tree stump killers. They work to breakdown the tree in the ground so you can remove it. Another way people can remove trees is by grinding it.

“Organic” methods are not just a trend. They are the better route to go when dealing with tree trunks in your yard. Organic tree stump killer is an efficient and environmentally safe way to go. It works to kill the stump without damaging the soil in the ground.

Arborist Tree Service in Spokane has more than 15 years of experience and strives to do the best job with the best method for not only your tree, but for your yard and your family. We combine natural ingredients to use as an organic method so your health is not in jeopardy, while still taking the time to do a quality job with the task at hand.