Spokane Pine Beetle Control

spokane pine beetle control

How to Handle Pine Beetles in Your Tree

What are Pine Beetles?

Are you dealing with pine beetles in your trees? The little black bugs about the size of a grain of rice make their homes in pine trees. They play a key role in the “circle of life” in the forest. They normally attack old or weak trees and make way for new and younger trees to grow in the forest.

Pine Beetle Life Cycle

A pine beetle goes through four stages of life: egg, larva, pupa, and adult.

It all starts when the beetles lay eggs under the bark. All stages of the beetles happen beneath the bark of the pine tree. The eggs plant a fungus that stops the tree from fighting off the eggs and protecting itself from the beetles. The tree is also blocked from getting the key nutrients that it needs to grow and thrive. By the time the beetle has grown, the tree is dead and the beetles move on to lay more eggs under the bark of another tree. The pine beetles flies from one tree to the next.

Warning Signs of Pine Beetles

When pine beetles first infest your pine tree, it will stay green and look healthy; however within a year of when they attacked your tree the branches will start to turn red. At that point the tree is dead and gone and the beetles have made their way to another tree in your yard. Within five years after the beetles attack a tree, it will appear gray.

Trees in drought situations are more likely to be attacked by pine beetles. You’ll always want to make sure that your tree is getting the water that it needs to grow and thrive.

How to Kill Pine Beetles

Getting rid of the bugs is something you’ll want to leave to the experts. What they will do is come to your home and assess the situation. Typically they’ll spray the infected pine tree with a pine beetle spray or insecticide that gets rid of the beetles.

If the tree is killed by the beetles, experts can help you get rid of the infested tree. They will also help kill off any signs of beetle so that the next tree that you plant doesn’t face the same fate. When you’re dealing with such a dangerous and difficult pest, it’s best to have a professional come out to aassess and deal with the situation.