Spokane Tree Disease Treatment

Spokane Tree Disease Treatment

Signs of Tree Disease

There are several different signs that your tree has a disease. One of the causes of it can be Mother Nature. Things like extreme heat and extreme cold, along with wind and rain can affect your trees health. If you have a bad storm tear through your yard, you’ll want to check out your trees to make sure they are still in good shape. It’s also good to check out your trees at least once a year.

Some of the symptoms of a sick tree can be seen by looking for certain things. One thing is the leaves. If the leaves on your tree curl up, turn yellow and die, your tree needs some TLC. If the wood on the trunk or the branches of the trees look dry, and break easily; that’s a sign the tree is sick. If you see a lot of branches breaking off of the tree you need to call an expert. The branches could be dangerous if they continue to fall in your yard. If you see mushrooms sprouting out in the lawn around your tree there could be decay on the inside of the tree.

If your tree starts to grow lopsided it could be caused by years of incorrect pruning or damage from storms. Another symptom of a sick tree is if branches grow close together and bark then grows in the gap between them. The bark that grows there is not strong enough to support the branch’s connection to the tree.

Ficus Tree Disease

Some ficus trees, grown indoors, are very susceptible to scale disease. This is caused by tiny insects invading the leaves of the trees. The bugs eat all of the sap on tree. This causes the leaves on the tree to yellow, wilt and drop to the ground. When the bark becomes diseased it will crack and sap will leak out of the trunk. This can cause mold to grow which is a big problem. You’ll want to call and get the problem fixed before the disease spreads to other plants and trees in the area.

Treatment for Your Diseased Trees

If your tree is showing any of these signs you’ll want to give an arborist a call, so they can come out and explain what is wrong with your tree and can be done to get the trees back on track.