Spokane Tree Spraying/ Insect Pest Control For Trees

Spokane Tree Spraying/ Insect Pest Control For Trees

How to Keep the Bugs Away from Your Tree

Insects and worms love to make their home in the fruit in the trees in your yard. When do you spray your fruit trees for the bugs? The best answer is in the late winter and early spring with organic dormant sprays.

You should spray your apple trees every year. It's best to schedule your trees to be sprayed during the late winter or early spring. That’s when the tree is at a point where it can absorb the organic tree treatment. The spray will spread throughout the tree. No branch, leaf or fruit is left unprotected from the bugs and weather headed their way.

Another method that is an a environmentally friendly alternative to spraying is called
Micro-injection. All non fruit trees can be treated with Micro-injection, anytime during the growing season.

If you pick an apple and notice a worm, there are a few things you can do before the tree is sprayed for worms. One thing you can do is bag the apples on the branches when they start to grow. You will also want to pick up any apples that have fallen on the ground. The more they sit around on the ground and rot; the more attention it is drawing to worms to come to the area. A tree expert will then spray the tree under all of the leaves and along the branches, as well as the ground around the tree. This will stop any future worms from making their home inside your next barrel of apples.

Once you have the worms under control you will want to write out a schedule to stay on top of the spraying so you don’t run into the problem again. You’ll want to start by spraying your tree in the late winter and spray every so often throughout the bloom and into the early spring. A tree expert can help assess your trees and see how much spray you need to use as well as how often it should be sprayed. The key to a healthy tree is tailoring its spraying schedule to its specific needs.

Each tree has different needs when it comes to spray. If you leave it to the professionals they can make sure your tree gets the treatment it needs to be able to grow and produce the barrels of fruit you are planning on this year.